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Deliveries Outside Our Usual Range 

If you are here, you are likely a customer who has been receiving deliveries for while now, but you live outside our usual delivery area. Please do not share this page with anyone else

Please follow these instructions to ensure your order arrives at its destination, on the day required.

​Depending on whether or not you have already created an account, you will see one of two screens when you go to the cart page. The process for each is laid out below.

A. You enter Cart/Checkout and there are no shipping options listed:

If you see this just continue (estimate shipping).png

In this case, just click on "Checkout" and this should take you to Step 4 below

B. You enter the cart/checkout, and the only shipping option is "Collect from Brighton"

what you will see if you need to adjust the postcode.png

Follow these steps:

1. Click on the link that says "Victoria, Australia":

click on this link.png

2. Change the postcode to the FARM's postcode in the lightbox that pops up, and click "Update" when done:

Enter the farm's postcode.png

3. “Packing & Home Delivery” should now appear on the dropdown menu, with a range of delivery dates available. Choose the date you want for delivery:

drop down menu with delivery expanded EDITED.png

4. Click "Checkout" and you will enter the checkout page where you enter your details. Under "Shipping details" enter your name and phone number, but enter the FARM's address:

enter farm's address.png

5. Click "Continue" and you will be prompted to select shipping method. Choose "Packing & Home Delivery":

Select packing & home delivery.png

6. Click "Continue" and you will be prompted to select payment method. Before you complete payment details, UNTICK the box that says "Billing Address: Same as shipping address":

Uncheck the tick box for billing address.png

7. Enter YOUR address in the "Billing details" section. This is so that we know where to deliver your order:

Enter the Billing address.png

You should now be able to complete checkout and pay for your order, with the shipping address as the farm's address, and your address as the billing address. If you have problems with any part of this process, please contact us

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